Copy’s fate has long been doomed. So claims some people. However, I disagree. No not because I would have to rethink my chosen career, but because that is not the way communication works.

Communication is done through media. Media vary in purpose and methods of delivery. Such as Twitter vs Instagram. Both media operate in the same way however. They both communicate thoughts packed into messages delivered via media. This means that words are a method of communicating. Therefore copy will live as long as we can see. Which at that point we will have to rely on brail or telepathy.

So as a result there are some ads and media where copy is purposeful. Conversely there are media where images and images in motion are better. Both serve a purpose, and both are visual media. Which leads me to what copy or language actually is. Words are pictures themselves. I know, not a profound statement. However it is important to note. This is because of what I believe the copywriter’s role actually is. Their job is not reliant on whether there are words to write, but whether there is a message to communicate. Seeing as how advertising can be defined as a method of communication, and media as the delivery of messages, copywriting is purposeful.

So in short: it is only the media that is changing, not communication.

It’s annoying when people throw up their arms and say “It’s the end!” Those who succeed in any business look down the road and learn from the past, rather than throwing up their arms in defeat. Recognizing patterns helps you know what will most likely happen. So keep you ear to the ground and your eyes open to new ideas entering the marketplace. Social media is a copywriter’s dream. Finally a set of media that engages conversation, which is what advertising is when it works effectively.

The one ad that is the most remembered from the previous Superbowl is Oreo’s. Their media buy was $0, and yet it was the most effective, the most talked about (especially outside the ad world, where it counts) and the most remembered. It worked because it was timely and relevant. It connected the brand brilliantly with the power outage, and the conversation that was taking place on social media. The core of the ad’s message comes from the line of copy that linked the brand to the event.

Copywriting isn’t dead. It is just evolving, like everything else in our world all the time.