This page has Youtube videos as well as brief descriptions of YouTube channels and podcasts worth checking out. All of course relate to advertising/marketing.

YouTube Channels


The famous advertising educational charity which exists to promote advertising and design excellence, also has a cool YouTube channel. They largely interview people, talk about ad stuff and of course awards! Because well that’s why advertising people were put on this Earth, to win awards of course.

Cannes Lions

The “international festival of creativity” award show has an extensive channel. It covers their shows, award winning ads, interviews of the people involved and a few other little ditties here and there.

Twist or Stick

Twist or Stick is a English recruitment  agency. They specialize in design, digital, integrated, social, mobile publishing and the reason why it’s on this list marketing/advertising. Their YouTube channel has a wide variety of interviews with people from those industries mentioned.

YT Show and Tell

This channel is actually run by YouTube, hence the “YT”. They allow creative people to talk about their creative processes, and well I guess that’s where they got the name “Show and Tell” from. It is a useful channel to watch because of course learning different processes allows you to learn how they have found success and hopefully apply those tactics to your own creative process. Making you in the end a super-creative!


Under the Influence

This podcast is done by Terry O’Reilly. A man who most notably made his ad fame with radio. His podcast available free via iTunes ( Also to note, there was a previous podcast available by Terry O’Reilly called “Age of Persuasion”. The podcast talks about marketing/advertising themes and topics. Like marketing stunts, movie trailers, marketing strategies and so on. Terry O’Reilly also has a blog ( and books about the same topics.


Adverve is a blog/podcast by copywriter/strategist Angela Natividad, art director Bill Green and executive creative director Darryl Ohrt. They discuss mainly pop culture and advertising related things, and in turn give their opinions on the topics they discuss. ( 

Ad Age Outlook

As you can imagine this is an advertising news podcast done by Ad Age magazine. It gives a weekly update on headlines in the ad industry (USA focused) as well as the odd interview and discussion about topical issues/ideas in advertising. It is available for free on iTunes, or you could check out their website (