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Feedback is always a good thing right? Having your ideas tested always makes better work, and a more anxious writer too. It is always when working by yourself that your mind slips into a self-described fantasy that rationalizes all the fine details that a skilled eye will easily point out.

So, how to break out from this fantastical perspective? Get opinions of course.

Yet, what if the work isn’t quite at that point to be reviewed? Leo Burnett has published this app (for Android, I’m not sure about iPhone) called HumanKind. It uses a scale that Leo Burnett has developed which measures how effective an idea is. Now since it is only an app you have to use your discretion.

I would say to just keep the idea focused. Guidance is key, this app helps, but you’re the writer in the end. Write it the way it needs to be written – then get feedback.

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Apps, you gotta love ’em. There are apps for almost everything. Probably sometime soon there will be one for heart surgery too.

One of my favorite apps is The Simpsons Tapped Out. If you have never played it, don’t. It’s addictive. So addictive that you might even end up writing a blog post about it. The premise of the game is that Homer blows up Springfield and he has to rebuild it. So basically it is a Simpsons version of The Sims.


A large portion of the game is free. It is free to download, free to do almost everything, but of course there are things you can only get by converting real money into virtual money in the form of donuts.

What I’m here to talk about is the very very subtle form of advertising that exists in the game. No not the blatantly obvious form that everything in the game is The Simpsons. But instead what the sole purpose of this game is: to get people to watch The Simpsons. (As a side note there is a guy on WordPress who has an excellent blog about this game it’s called: The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

Before downloading this game I hadn’t watched a Simpsons episode in years. I used to like the show in its early years, then the writing changed, Family Guy became popular, then redundant, and I just started watching other shows other than The Simpsons. In the game certain things happen to promote that week’s coming show. For example a week or so ago Moe gets a “new lease on life” and he is given a suit and tasks, and of course the gamer is given curiosity about that week’s show.

That is exactly how these kinds of apps should work, and to a greater extent how advertising campaigns should be. They should engage the audience in one medium and then point them towards another. In the case of The Simpsons, the primary medium is the television show, all other media they use to promote their show should encourage the audience to watch the show. Their Tapped Out game does exactly that. It encourages and intrigues people to watch the show, and it makes people who rarely or used to watch the show fall back in love with the characters and their antics.

In my opinion this is exactly the kind of advertising that is going to exist on mobile devices in the near future. Ads in content are annoying, although some are done very well. But a great use of mobile apps to promote a brand could really help drive people to it.

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