No its not Ogilvy or Bernbach. There actually is a patron saint of advertising. Saint Bernardino of Siena, aka St. Bernardine.

Yep, this former catholic priest hailing from 15th century Italy is the patron saint of advertising. As well as communications (which makes sense), gambling and respiratory problems. I’m not sure how the previous two fit into the mix.

What is interesting about St Bernardino is that he was around at a time when print was becoming very popular in Europe. It was becoming more accessible to more people. Since he was a well known preacher at the time his image was represented on several documents and works of art. This is most likely what lead him to becoming the patron saint of advertising. So this really is just a classic story of being in the right place at the right time. Then again he did help a lot of people… which explains the Saint status.

Curiously enough there is also an ad agency in Vancouver that carries the name Saint Bernardine.

If you wanna learn more about this lad check out the source of all knowledge: wikipedia. Sorry Google.