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This is a parent company map of the biggest parent companies in the world. There are however a few missing, like SC Johnson. Not to be confused with Johnson & Johnson, who did make their way on the map.

Probably the biggest surprise is Dr. Pepper.Who, according to the map is owned by Kraft. But if I want to buy a bottle of this tasty beverage (here in Canada) I would have to go to a Pepsi machine. Oddly enough if I was to visit Europe it would be bottled by Coca-Cola, according to the source of all knowledge: wikipedia.



Typefaces communicate just as much as the words themselves. As many art directors experience, choosing a font is one of the worst parts of designing as it is never perfect.



And no just for the record there is no Comic Sans on the table. For some reason that is one of the most hated fonts ever. The thing about Comic Sans is that is was created back in the 90s for Microsoft in a program called Microsoft Bob. It was during the days when computer screens were pixelated and the fonts were aliased. This actually made Comic Sans very legible on screens. Actually better than most accepted fonts, like Garamond.

Here is a video buy Vsauce explaining that and more. Vsauce is a great YouTube channel about everything nerdy.


Here is an infographic brought to you by Adobe. Explaining what they see on the horizon in the next few months.

Key Digital Trends for 2013


Here are two infographics about copywriting.

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